The 7 Best WordPress Live Chat Plugins 2021

WordPress Live Chat is a great way to help customers make quick contact with you. most customers like some kind of assistance while making a purchase . they’ll have niggling doubts even after reading the detailed product description, reviews and FAQs. wouldn’t it not be nice to possess someone from the shop assist you along side your purchase? Someone to whom you’ll keep getting back to until you’re sure of your purchase?

This is where the only live chat plugins offers you a leg up. These plugins step in smartly to undertake to to the work of a sales assistant or a customer support person. they’re going to answer all customer queries and be available 24 x 7 x 365. Your store isn’t any more a faceless URL but is instantly transformed into a salesman or store owner who can hold a conversation with visitors and convert them into valuable customers.

There are an honest many live chat plugins, from the very simple and free ones to comprehensive premium plugins. Ready to get chatting? Let’s dive in.

1. LiveChat

livechat min

LiveChat could also be a feature-rich premium live chat service that, in terms of depth of functionality and interface, is probably the only all-around live chat plugin on this list.

Of course, that doesn’t mean another tool isn’t better for your unique situation — this one just does plenty of things well and features an excellent interface.

While LiveChat doesn’t offer a free plan, it does have a 14-day free trial (no mastercard required), which suggests you’ll test everything out without spending a dime.

2. Zendesk Live Chat

zendesk chat

Zendesk Live Chat could also be a well-liked plugin that interacts along side your customers in real-time and helps them in making a purchase you’d wish to make an account with Zendesk and link this account with the plugin. Once this is often often done, a message box opens at the right bottom corner of your screen. Visitors can begin lecture you straightaway, and if you are not online, an email are often sent. It works well with all the most browsers and may be a simple because of integrate live chat on your site.

3. Awesome Support

awesome support

Awesome Support could also be a solid WordPress-based help desk. it’s designed to be totally compatible with all WordPress themes, both free and premium. All features get turned on when the plugin is installed and activated, so you’ll open the help Desk and located out customer support in no time within the least .

4. Support Board

support board

Support Board could also be a replacement WordPress live chat plugin that provides an easy setup process and a native WordPress solution that stores all of your data on your own servers. you’ll chat right from your WordPress dashboard or there’s a Slack integration so as that you’re going to respond from Slack. Or, you’ll also create chatbots employing a Dialogflow integration if you’d wish to automate things.

It’s a premium plugin, but it offers a very professional experience. It also comes with a one-time fee rather than recurring fees that the bulk SaaS live chat tools charge.

5. Flyzoo Chat


Chat by Flyzoo isn’t intended for business, it’s designed specially for the chat use of a community. Being more social in nature, it’s well integrated with most of the membership and social networking plugins. Webinars, dating websites, online traders or gamers, events, local associations and similar outfits can observe use of this plugin.

6. Drift


Drift could also be a live chat service that’s slightly more focused on helping you generate sales, rather than just offering customer support. thanks to this focus, you get some unique features, like conversational lead gen forms which can replace traditional forms on your site.

It has a limited free plan, but the paid plans are definitely geared more towards businesses supported the price .

7. WP Live Chat Support


WP Live Chat Support could also be a very native WordPress live chat plugin, because it doesn’t just connect you to a third-party service but everything actually happens on your own WordPress site.

So if that’s what you’d like , give this one a look .

However, you’ll also like better to use WP Live Chat Support’s server instead. If you’re doing that, you’ll still be able to chat from your WordPress dashboard, but you won’t be adding any burden to your WordPress site’s server.

To conclude…

Live Chat may be a handy tool for enhancing customer service by several notches. The plugins discussed here will fit the necessity of any organization quite well. All the plugins are popular and highly rated within the WordPress repository, so you actually should get a conversation going and see how it impacts your business.

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